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Why You Should Go with AngularJS for Your Next Project?

| May 9th, 2017

The Angular JS has been developed by Google and is a new framework that is developed to facilitate a better development of the front end. Many de...

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Benefits of PHP Laravel Framework in Web World

| January 30th, 2017

In today’s technical era each and every day is different and we have new technologies which is there with new coding technique, new architectur...

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Web Analytics

Top 5 Web Analytics Tools

| May 2nd, 2016

If you believe in business upliftment, you got to have confidence in the power of business data. Irrespective of your company size, it will be hi...

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Google Redesigns AdWords Interface

| April 13th, 2016

It is not without reason that Google is touted as the biggest virtual network across the globe. The company keeps track of all the major updates ...

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Mobile Friendly

Get Ready As Google To Boost Mobile Friendly Algorithm in May 2016

| April 13th, 2016

It was back in 21st April 2015 that Google announced the emergence of the mobile-friendly algorithm. As one of the largest networks and global pl...

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Impersonating Someone Account in Facebook May Not Possible In Future

| April 8th, 2016

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms, you simply cannot deny the importance and need for robust security. Although the...

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Snapchat Update Chat to add Stickers Audio and Video Notes

| April 4th, 2016

Snapchat seems to be the unprecedented ruler of face swaps but fails to impress users with its chat functions. Until now, this social sharing pla...

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Why Page Load Speed is Important for Your Website?

| August 19th, 2015

Slow loading websites annoy users and can also affect your site’s ranking in Google’s search results. Websites can load slowly for a ...

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Everything SEOs Need to Know about Google’s New Stance on HTTPs

| April 7th, 2015

In 2014, on the official Webmaster Central Blog, Google made it clear that although currently, HTTPS is affecting less than 1% of global queries,...

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