facebook 5 Reasons Why Your Startup Should Use Ruby On Rails (RoR)
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5 Reasons Why Your Startup Should Use Ruby On Rails (RoR)

| November 20th, 2018 | 2062 Views

A fast popularity gaining server-side web application framework, Ruby on Rails has become one of the preferred frameworks, especially in the modern start-up ecosystem of today. Some of the major start-ups relying on this framework are Dribbble, Twitter, Airbnb and more.

History of Ruby On Rails

RoR was developed by DHH or David Heinemeier Hansson. This framework came into existence when David was working on Basecamp, his well-known Start-up. A framework is provided by Rails that has a robust structure over Ruby, a clean programming language. The framework has gained a lot of popularity, and there are many reasons behind its ever-increasing use.

Benefits of Ruby On Rails

RoR is being preferred by many developers because of its easy to use features and an amazing array of benefits offered by this language.

Fast-Paced RoR

RoR is known to provide a very strong and robust system; it is preferred when setting up the infrastructure. It, thus, helps in reducing a lot of time that goes into the development of the framework. Using it, development time is cut down by almost 20 percent to 50 percent in comparison to other languages. It is because of the open source code collection and Ruby’s object-orientation developed by RoR community. This cutting down of development time makes the use of this application framework quite sought after.

Free to Use

Another major advantage of using RoR is that it is free to use. If you are planning to come up with your start-up which is already facing financial constraints, it is wise to use, Ruby on Rails, a great idea, and the most appropriate choice. If you are using any other language, you have to spend a lot getting the license, turning out to be a costly affair. It especially holds true of the team has multiple members across different platforms. An organization can save a lot of money by using RoR and spend it on more important expenditures of a new start-up.


Using RoR is not a rocket science and can be used easily. Start-up founders can easily learn to code and develop the product with ease and convenience. They need not rely on others to do that which again help them save a lot of money. Many people with a technical bent of mind work on learning to code and use the framework without any hassle.

RoR uses simple English language, and as such it is quite easy to learn and grasp its various features. When compared with other languages, it is much easier to read Rails code. Developers also save a lot of time because they need not comment on every line of code.

RoR comes with built-in libraries which help in adding to your code. Advanced developers who are expert in their job can make good use of their knowledge and expertise. The open source framework or code projects are flexible, dynamic and easy to edit or modify.

RoR community

A community of expert and experienced advanced developers help in finding a suitable solution to address an issue cropping up by a fellow developer. This helps people save a lot of money, effort and time and help him get suitable answers to their confusion or queries. These answers are in the form of code offered in chunks which can be easily implemented and used in the built. If any other proprietary language is used, the developer has to reach out to paid support line to solve any issue they face in the built. The RoR community has highly experienced developers that help their colleagues for free.

Good Development Language

The use of Representational State Transfer, Ruby On Rails helps in building a web application around standard protocols and resources. Since RoR follows the DRY system, it is important to avoid rewriting code. This rules out the need to run manual testing which is replaced with automated testing.

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