facebook Set Up Your Google Adwords Campaign in 8 Simple Steps
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Set Up Your Google Adwords Campaign in 8 Simple Steps

| September 21st, 2017 | 1810 Views

Are you planning to come up with an effective Google Adwords Campaign? It is important that this campaign is designed in such a way that best results are gained from the same. You can either plan an effective campaign yourself or seek the help of a reputed PPC Company who can set up a perfect campaign for you. Here, we bring you some simple steps that can help set up such a campaign easily and conveniently.

Step 1

Visit https://adwords.google.com/home/ and create an account. On the home page of the site, you will find “Create your first campaign” tab. Click on this tab and carefully select the name of the campaign and the type of campaign. Initially, you can choose “Search Network Only” type and then give the name of the campaign.

Step 2

Once you have chosen the name and type of campaign, choose the location where you would like your ads to be visible. It is very easy to do so, and you can not only identify the country where you want your ads to be seen, but also the region, state or province to make your campaign more focused. You can even choose latitude-longitude coordinates to confine your campaign to a specific area.

Step 3

Now you need to fix a budget that you would like to set aside for this campaign. You also need to choose a specific bid strategy or manually set bids for clicks. This way, you have complete control over your campaign and can make modifications in the same as per changing requirements.

Step 4

Although Ad Extensions are an integral part of a PPC Campaign, it is recommended to avoid it initially. It can be added later after the completion of the entire setup process. After saving these changes, move ahead to the next step.

Step 5

Once you are done with the above steps, start writing your first ad. Ensure that your ad has a keyword that helps potential clients clock on the ad. The headline must have an optimized keyword. The headline must not be more than 25 characters, so you have to be really creative when giving a headline to the ad. The second and third line must not have more than 35 characters with the last line must have your display URL

Step 6

Now you need to insert keywords into your account’s keyword field. The keywords can be pasted and add signs like [], + and “ “ and see the number of searches you get for these different signs. To begin with, it is better to use fewer keywords. Once you start getting good results, more keyword can be added.

Step 7

Set your default bid or maximum price per click. While doing so, it is important to understand that every keyword has a different market. Thus, every keyword has to have a different bid price. To begin with, you can bid on keywords that are lower-priced and later start bidding on the higher-priced keyword.

Step 8

After completing all the above-mentioned steps, it is important to check the ad carefully. The keywords must match with the ad perfectly so that best results are obtained. Check the position on the page you are looking for, and after reviewing everything, you can go ahead with the ad. As soon as payment information is confirmed, your ads will start showing up.

Follow these steps one by one and set up an impressive PPC Campaign. If you think that setting up this campaign is not your cup of tea, you can touch base with a reliable and reputed PPC Company and get best results for your business.

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