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Tips To Secure Your E-Commerce Website

| March 31st, 2022 | 1477 Views

Secure Your E-Commerce Website

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In your capacity as an eCommerce business owner, the most significant thing for you is to protect your website from hundreds of security breaches every day. According to a statistic, nearly 70% of e-commerce websites are hacked on average every single day.

In order to prevent such attacks, you should be aware of them at all times and prepare your website in a manner that nothing will compromise your security system. Prevention is always better than cure, as you know. It is safer to protect your e-commerce site proactively rather than wait for an attack.

Why Your Ecommerce Site Should Be Secured

Any eCommerce site owner would agree that securing their website is their greatest challenge. Hackers are creating new traps every day, making noobs the victims. This should be a constant concern and you should take appropriate precautions. If you fail to do so, you will lose the credibility of your customers, which will lead to a loss of profit as a result.

How Does Ecommerce Security Work?

Security for eCommerce resources refers to keeping them safe from uninvited attacks and access. A bulletproof security system should be developed to ensure that no one could delete, update, or add any content to your eCommerce site without your permission.

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Here are the tips that will make your e-commerce website secure.

  • Login Through OTP (One Time Password)

If you have ever conducted online banking or made an online purchase, you are likely familiar with OTP. One-time passwords (OTPs) are passwords that are valid for only one type of login session or transaction, on a computer system or other digital device.It is only possible for the holder of this particular phone number to receive an OTP. This will enable them to access that password, allowing them to interact with the application and verify themselves with an OTP or PIN code. Businesses throughout the world can utilize this kind of convenience and security due to the availability of mobile devices and their utility as a one-time-use passcode device.

Extensions such as the Magento 2 mobile login implements the OTP login functionality in your Magento 2 store. A customer is allowed to log in, register, or opt for ‘Cash on Delivery’ only after verifying his phone number. 

OTP login is quickly becoming a well-known safety feature that ensures the security of one’s account since it enables a genuine link between the user and the phone number.

  • Secure Your Admin Panel and Servers

Default passwords for most e-commerce platforms are ridiculously easy to guess. You are exposing yourself to hacks if you do not update them. Keep your passwords and usernames as complex as possible and renew them regularly.

It is possible to take it a step further and have the panel notify you when an unknown IP attempts to log in. These simple measures can dramatically increase the security of the store.

  • Software for scanning for viruses and malware

Cheats are capable of placing orders from anywhere in the world using stolen credit card information. You can prevent this serious e-commerce issue by utilizing an antivirus or anti-fraud program. To help you take further action, they use sophisticated algorithms to flag malicious transactions. By providing a fraud risk score, they can assist owners in determining whether a particular transaction is legitimate.

  • Use Impossible to Guess Password 

In spite of the increased competition of technologies such as facial recognition and multi-factor authentication (MFA), passwords remain the standard method of logging onto most software applications. As we are required to enter a password for every service or website we access, for many users, it is simply simpler to use the same password for several services.

Using this approach leads to many problems, including widespread fraud. This is because once hackers have taken the reused usernames and passwords, they can be applied to a variety of different services. The same password should never be used for two or more accounts. Be sure to create different passwords for your website database, your hosting server, your admin panel, your FTP account, and any email accounts connected. In general, long passwords should be composed of both alphabet and numbers.

  • Use Firewalls

Use firewall software and plugins that are not only affordable but also effective in protecting your eCommerce store. They prevent untrusted networks from entering your site, and they regulate traffic entering and leaving it. Allowing only the traffic you trust is possible with selective permeability. As well as preventing cyber threats, such as SQL injections and Cross-Site Scripting, they also provide virus protection.

  • Data Should Be Backed Up

Typical data loss incidents are caused by hardware malfunctions or cyberattacks. Moreover, if you do not regularly back up your data, you may lose it forever. If you want to accomplish something, you should do it yourself rather than relying on others. Ensure that your data is regularly backed up, even if you forget to do it manually.

If you decide not to use your original backup, you may make a copy of it as a contingency plan. There is also the option of choosing a managed hosting service, like Cloudways, that creates backups for you automatically.

  • Keep yourself up to date

It can be very tempting to overlook the importance of regularly updating website core, security tools, and plugins. However, it is necessary to install security updates and patches as soon as they become available, as hackers can use bots to determine which websites use outdated software. A product that is out of date is a serious liability.


You should always be aware of the threats that may exist within your immediate virtual environment. Additionally, you should be aware of the ways you can safeguard your e-commerce business from these threats and prepare yourself accordingly using the above-mentioned tips.

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