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What Link Building Strategy Constitutes Of?

| November 21st, 2022 | 850 Views

Link Building Strategy

As per Google, content, and backlinks are the two most important ranking factors for a target keyword. Link Building is synonymous with SEO and is considered a crucial part of it. An SEO company always offers link building services that help clients in many ways. However, in recent times link building has changed considerably. Off-Page links are now more about quality than quantity. With the links, businesses often expect instant results and end up making quick, irrelevant links. In reality, link building is more about building relations and then allowing the search engines to recognize the authority and relevance of the links.

In this blog, you’ll learn the potent ways to construct a link building strategy. With these strategies, one can easily construct authoritative links and can boost their rankings in no time. An inbound link with high value is regarded both by the search engines as well as the user and this blog serves as a guide to creating one or many of those links.

Why Is Link Building Necessary?

In digital marketing, On-Page SEO is 25% whereas Off-Page SEO is about 75%. It’s more about what activities are happening outside of the website. Google values backlinks from relevant, authoritative websites, and the more a business has it on the other websites, the better a business can rank on its chosen keywords.

Link building is, therefore, a crucial ranking factor. Search Engines actively check how many websites link back to a business’s website. The better the backlink profile of a business, the higher is its rankings on the search engines.

With a potent backlink profile, external websites link back to a website. This naturally increases a website’s traffic, trust, and dominance. A business as a result becomes more spread out on the web which naturally increases clicks and leads leading to more opportunities for sales and revenue generation.

Link Building Strategies That Are Easy And Effective

Do you know that 95% of all pages online have zero backlinks pointing to their website? If implemented the right way, link building can render positive results. For any business getting an SEO package, quality link building services are what they look up to. However, businesses often do SEO of their website by themselves. In that case, the target should always be to create a follow link. With a follow link, Google and other search engines are guided to a business’s website as the link juice or the authority gets passed. On the other hand, a nofollow link contains no SEO value and is just a link with no real value. Here are some of the meaningful ways a business can create such useful backlinks:

1. Check Competitor’s Backlinks

It’s essential to check a competitor’s backlinks, especially, if they’re consistently ranking higher than your business. As a business, you should know where your competitors are getting their backlinks from. It’s always a good idea to spy on your competitors and see the websites they’re getting the backlinks from. If they can get backlinks from a specific website, there’s a high percentage chance that you can too.

The competitive analysis offers a decent chance for any business to do a thorough link check of a competitor. Focusing on the sites they’re getting backlinks from offers your business a powerful chance of getting the backlinks from the same website.

It’s simple to offer value to a website by sharing meaningful content. However, most businesses find it hard to find a competitor’s backlinks. Using specialized tools such as Ahrefs can easily help any business find out its competitor’s backlinks and undertake effective link building from then on. It’s simple to build quality backlinks when you have SEO tools working for you.

2. Guest Blogging

At least 90% of marketers use content pieces as their way to generate more backlinks. The idea of Guest Blogging has certainly evolved. Guest blogging isn’t about randomly posting on websites for the sake of getting a backlink. Today, for guest blogging or guest posting to be effective, the website must be relevant to your business’s niche and should have high authority. There’s absolutely no point in getting a backlink from a website that’s less authoritative than yours.

Any link building campaign or SEO link building includes Guest Blogging. It’s essential to create content for other websites and then share it. Guest blogging is usually regarded as a premium quality backlink. However, making it about your business most likely won’t help. The more information a business shares on the other website, the more trusted it becomes. The idea of blogging anyway is to share information and gain trust with your audience and guest posting is no different.

Hence, guest posting should be done on niche websites that are more likely to attract your type of audience and are considered high quality links. With backlinks, it’s important to remain targeted and focused as, if it’s performed well, it’s one search engine optimization activity that can largely increase traffic and conversions.

Effective link building strategies are all about value, and a guest post can certainly do that. Any SEO link building strategy is bound to have a guest blog and your SEO strategy should have a guest post.

3. Distribute Infographics

Infographics are a great way to share information engagingly. It’s simple to gain organic traffic by creating and distributing infographics without even asking for it.

With infographics, it’s convenient to communicate any research, data, statistics, or findings. Hence, infographics are a great way to attract an organic crowd. Also, blogs with infographics get more links and are shared more.

Therefore, infographics should be well utilized and they have to be attractive, and informative to become shareable. A business can also use gifographics instead which has the same features as an infographic but features an interactive gif image. Hence, a business should ideally create quality content and then distribute it as it helps them build more quality links which increase in value over time. Any link building efforts should include infographics which is a vital link building tactic that’s mostly considered a premium quality backlink. To finalize, it’s easy to develop a quality link with an infographic.

4. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a great strategy for those marketers that don’t write their content. The concept of broken link building is about finding pages with broken links. Additionally, the strategy is to replace those broken links with similar content that’s on your website.

So, broken link building is about simply replacing links that no longer work with high value content. You can suggest content to a website from your website that they can link to if they have a broken link. This way a business gets a link on another website that isn’t forced. Broken link building is a natural link building strategy that can help any business gain authoritative backlinks from relevant websites.

5. Check Your Backlinks

With all the work getting done, it’s also important to track your progress. It’s unwise to spend money and time on building new links but not tracking the status of old links.

With time, some of the old links vanish as you don’t have control over external links. As it’s up to the site owner, some of the old links might disappear with time. Moreover, having a record of links built also helps a business estimate how many more backlinks do they require now.

With the help of specialized tools, a business can conveniently know the number of backlinks they won and lost over some time. Moreover, the tools also tell DA, page authority, and anchor text. The analytics of such tools also help a business in understanding whether their backlink strategy is working or not.  Some popular link building and tracking tools are Ahrefs, Screaming Frog, SEMrush, Moz, Google Search Console, etc.

Note: Link building is a crucial activity and hence, they are usually performed by SEO experts. Sometimes they are not handled by the vendor themselves but by an SEO Reseller that they hand it over to.


By following all the strategies mentioned in the blog, a business can conveniently create a link building strategy that’s bound to get higher rankings for any business. With so many benefits, link building is one activity that should be implemented carefully. However, if performed authentically, its benefits are unmatchable and can take a business’s SEO to the next level. Therefore, building relevant links of high value for the search engines and their users is the main purpose of this activity.