facebook Top 5 App Store Optimization Tips Which Every Marketer Need To Know
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Top 5 App Store Optimization Tips Which Every Marketer Need To Know

| December 29th, 2021 | 2042 Views

App store Optimization Tips

What is app store optimization? This is the process of increasing the visibility of your mobile app in the search results. If the ranking is at the top of the app store’s search results then the more visible it is to the potential customers. This will lead to an increase in traffic to your app’s page. The entire ASO process needs a thorough understanding of your client base. You should also be aware of the keywords used by potential customers.

App Store Optimization tips

In recent times, more and more people are leaning towards mobile and other handheld devices for browsing and conducting transactions. For the survival of your business, ASO is necessary. Let us check out the top app store optimization tips.

1. Gain an understanding of the customer

Your strategy should involve developing an understanding of your customers and competitors. You must try to understand the main reasons which are responsible for their downloading and using the app, what kind of needs are being solved, the language preference of the customers, and competitive advantage. It is through consumer research identification of the optimal keywords is possible. The objective should be to find out the exact keywords which are driving the customers to your app and the natural language they are using to describe it during their search queries. You may also hire a specialized agency for this purpose.

2. Creation of an icon that leaves a lasting impression

There are numerous apps available on the market. The potential customers are left with an infinite number of apps. To stand out from that crowd, you must create a unique app. The icon must have the capability of leaving a long lasting impression in the minds of potential customers. Some of the app stores have specific standards which have to be kept in mind while designing app icons. The standards may be related to the choice of colors, size, lighting, shading, and geometry. The icons should have the ability to look presentable even after they are scaled-down. The icons should be able to indicate convey the work done by the app.

3. Focus on the experiences

It is highly likely that most of the consumers will download the apps when they have clarity of information. This factor may be considered by you while noting down your app descriptions. The description of the app and what it is capable of doing for the consumers should be short and straightforward. You should concentrate on the experiences made possible by the utilization of those apps.

4. Make use of videos

You should always include videos or screenshots. Their inclusion in the description may not directly affect the search rankings, but they do have an impact on the potential consumers. Images have the capability of adding life to the description. It gives a scope to the potential customers to visualize beforehand.

5. Seek professional assistance

You may consider hiring app store optimization services if the budget permits. Though it requires an investment of financial resources this step will reap you benefits in the long run. You will attain success and get an optimal rank among app stores.

Stick out

In recent times, mobile internet usage is the buzz word. There has been a shifting of attention from web browsing. Now the easiest way to reach customers is apps. Since this is a highly competitive world having a great app is not enough. With better marketing efforts your app needs to stick out from among the crowd.

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