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Top 5 Web Analytics Tools

| May 2nd, 2016 | 1838 Views

If you believe in business upliftment, you got to have confidence in the power of business data. Irrespective of your company size, it will be highly imperative to measure its performance. And that’s only possible when you have the best web analytics tools within your reach.

Before we delve deep into discussing these business data analytics tools, let’s take a look at the significance of web data analytics.

Identifying The Importance

If you wish to tread the path of success and take your dream venture to unsurpassed heights, it will be necessary to perform assessments on its performance. Web analytics refers to this process of performance assessment. It helps you track and report your website’s performance, thus creating opportunities for further developments.

If performed in the appropriate manner, web analytics can prove to be beneficial in the following ways.

  • Identifying Opportunities: Web analytics replicates the process of general health checkup. Just as medical health checkups help in the identification of diseases or physical disorders, web analytics helps you identify the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategies. You will get an idea about what to do next, what to change, or what to stop altogether.
  • Improving Marketing Efforts: Web analytics at regular intervals will help in mitigating issues in marketing funnel, thus optimizing website usage.

However, you will receive all these benefits only with the help of highly functional web analytics tools. Breeze through the article, as it introduces the top 5 web analytics tools.

1. Google Analytics

Amongst a host of data analytics tools, Google Analytics deserves a special mention. With almost every website owner relying on Google Analytics, this particular tool has inevitably emerged as the go-to tool for perfect web analytics.

What separates Google Analytics from the rest of the crowd is its power to offer detailed insights into your website’s performance. With the help of this tool, website owners will have the opportunity of identifying crucial factors capable driving unlimited traffic to their websites.

2. FoxMetrics

With a focus on optimizing your marketing efforts, FoxMetrics is quite different from just another web analytics tool. It not only helps in the identification of website performance but also assists while acting upon those insights.

3. Kissmetrics

With the help of this unique web analytics tool, website owners will have the opportunity of tracking user behavior. Kissmetrics offer real-time data tracking alongside showing the reactions of both group and individual visitors. And this data tracking takes place over a given period. Some of the significant features of this content marketing tool are:

  • Cohort reports
  • Funnel Reports
  • Power Reports

4. Woopra

Just like Kissmetrics, Woopra also offers real-time insights into your website performance. The tool helps in tracking events, conversion funnels, page views, customer activity, and several other aspects.

Some of the exclusive features separating Woopra from its contemporaries include:

  • Live chat
  • Comprehensive user profiles
  • Dynamic consumer segments

5. Clicky

With unique features such as Heatmap, Uptime Monitoring, and Twitter Analytics, Clicky ranks amongst the most functional web analytics tools. It also ensures real-time data analytics, thus helping website owners develop a crystal clear idea about their website performance.

The best SEO India Company will undoubtedly place reliance on these web analytics tools and tech resources.

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