facebook Use Technology To Your Advantage And For Best Results In Instagram Marketing
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Use Technology To Your Advantage And For Best Results In Instagram Marketing

| November 21st, 2022 | 1981 Views

Instagram Marketing

No one is unaware of the power of social media when it comes to customer engagement. It plays the most significant role in enhancing the level of engagement as well as the rate of conversion. Therefore, the best you can do is use all your social media connections and available networks to its optimal level to get a better and higher return on your investments. And the best way to ensure this is achieved is to use the technology available on these social media channels.

As per the experts in Instagram marketing who are in favor of integrating it with other forms of marketing including social media marketing, in this given business world where everything is digitized, Instagram is perhaps the only social channel that can assure the highest level of engagement from your followers whom you can convert into your loyal customers.

They suggest that instead of simply sharing your content on this useful and popular platform or answering to those simple customer service inquiries, you do much more than that. They suggest that using social media technology to the fullest will ensure that you reap the benefits of social media followers and the platform, to the fullest.

Reasons to use technologies

The best thing about these technologies is that it will allow you to predict the wants and needs of your customers well in advance. This will, in turn, help you to draw a better plan and design a better Instagram marketing strategy so that you can:

  • Satisfy their needs just as they want
  • Raise their level of trust and faith on you and your brand and
  • Raise the chances of them making a purchase from you.

This will in turn and surely raise the sales volumes which ideally will have a direct impact on your business revenue and profit, making it sustainable in this competitive online business landscape.

Ideally, when you use technology, you will be much better off than your competitors and way ahead of them. Just make sure that you are learning constantly so that you are always way ahead of the curve and not lagging behind it.
This is because, without constant learning and the best and proper use of technology, you will never find success in Instagram marketing, even if you integrate it with your social and other marketing strategies.

Take help from the experts

If you are new to Instagram, which is, in fact, a very strange thing to believe, you can surely take the help of the experts in Instagram marketing such as Blastup or any other of the same caliber to take a cue of it and put Instagram to the best of uses.

For example:

  • You should listen to and care for your customers on social media platforms that you know so that you can stay on top of and follow all the latest trends such as color partialities for laptops.
  • You can also take up the best practices followed by the major brands and make promotional offers to your customers based on their location, age, and other demographics so that they are enticed to give your product or services a try.

The experts will help you in the process all through and make sure that all the available resources are put to the best of use. They will do everything in accordance to the market needs and the preferences of your customers so that none of your efforts, time and money go waste.

Design your Instagram feed

When you use technology for your Instagram marketing purposes you will be able to design your Instagram feed in the best possible way. This is essentially required because it is your Instagram feed that will attract the attention of the users ensuring that they get engaged to your posts and take the necessary action as suggested and wanted by you.

Typically, Instagram does not have a filtered feed. That means, your Instagram posts will show up in the feeds of every single follower that you have on this platform. This is much unlike Facebook where your posts are shown only to a smaller portion of the target audience. This means that:

  • You are assured that your valuable content will reach out to a larger set of audience and
  • These posts will be seen actually by your users.

Using technology to its fullest and in the best possible way will also ensure that all of the images in your post are shown in chronological order, However, for enjoying this benefit you will need to post on a regular basis. This will ensure that your posts have a higher chance of getting seen by your users on Instagram, at least by those Instagram followers who are active on the platform when you post.

Share exclusive contents

Whether it is you or your users, you should always share exclusive content on Instagram. As for you, it is also recommended that you also share exclusive offers with your customers. This will ensure that:

  • They feel they are valued
  • They will gain a lot of trust for your brand
  • They will feel encouraged to participate in the event or perform an action that you intend to and eventually
  • Result in an increase in traffic to your site and an enhanced chance of making more sales and generating more business profits.

In short, making the best use of technology for Instagram marketing will ensure that you provide your customers with the most exclusive content that may include things like:

  • Any case studies
  • Promotional offers and discounts such as a 10% off coupon
  • Rewards for being a subscriber to your email newsletter or
  • Purchasing a paid membership.

You can also hold and make an offer to your customers to participate in a special event or contest or even issue limited content or deals on your blog. You can remind your customers about the time when it will be issued through an email. As always, reward the winner with something of value to them and use it in their daily life activities.

Therefore, the use of technology will make your Instagram marketing campaign much more effective and easier.

Author Bio:

Maria Jones is a social media marketing specialist who has worked with several startups, small businesses and helped them also launch effective campaigns to boost their overall online presence and visibility.


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