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Why Website Footer Optimization Is Crucial And How Can You Implement?

| September 13th, 2023 | 1681 Views

Most individuals don’t bother that much about the footer of a website. However, a footer is a significant part of a website that helps users find a ton of critical information regarding a business. A footer looks like the last place to think about, however, it’s more important than what one thinks and it shouldn’t be ignored. A footer can act as a brilliant road map for the visitors if it’s optimized expertly. Even a top SEO company India is likely to include footer optimization as part of their SEO services.

This blog will explain the basics of website footer optimization and why it’s necessary to even consider footer optimization. You’ll be able to optimize your footer the way it’s supposed to be after completing this blog.

Why Footer Optimization Matters?

A great footer is filled with essential information that can help a website with user experience. Usually, a footer is the first place individuals go to when they are lost on a website. With a footer, it becomes easy for anyone to navigate a website. For instance, just by redesigning the website footer, a luxury handbag website increased sales conversion by 27 percent and improved its revenue by 16 percent as reported by Smart Insights.

Hence, optimizing the footer may not be such a bad idea after all. It might seem like a waste of time, but it’s not, as a website footer can certainly increase conversions and engagement.

Moreover, a well-optimized footer contains different information from that of a header. In this regard, the footer adds additional information and value for the users. The header should contain the most essential pages of a website whereas, the footer should work as a safety section allowing website visitors to navigate conveniently. Therefore, the footer contains more exclusive information and enhances the website experience and page value for the users.

Lastly, the footer can contain some CTA’s, thus allowing, for conversions to boost. Most optimized footers contain CTA’s which allow a website user to complete an action. Therefore, footers are more important than they are thought of, provided they are designed well.

How To Begin With Website Footer Optimization?

The space in the website footer should contain some crucial information to allow for conversions and engagement to happen. For footer optimization consider including these factors:

1. Branding

A footer should consist of brand imagery including the business logo. At the end of the page, every business has an opportunity to associate the business with the brand logo. Hence, on the exit, a business can display its brand identity via logos and images. All optimized footers contain logos and brand imagery to leave a lasting impact on an individual’s mind.

2. Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy, And Copyright Notice

It’s legally required to have this information on a website. More commonly, it’s the footer that contains links to such information. Containing such information in the footer also adds to the credibility of a brand and any opportunity to build trust with your customers should not be ignored. Moreover, it doesn’t take much time to add this information.

3. Quick Support Services

For questions before or after a purchase, website visitors often use footers. A footer can help them connect with a business and get instant support for any query or doubt. Including support links in the footer can greatly enhance the website experience.

Make it easy for website visitors to ask questions and the best way to do so is by including support links in the footer. Including a help center or online support link can certainly enhance the usability of a footer. Moreover, websites can take information and provide necessary support from the footer itself without having a separate support page.

4. Crucial Contact Information

A website footer should include the contact details of a business. For anyone wanting to contact a business, they can easily move to the footer of a website and find the required information. Make it easy for your visitors to become customers by adding essential contact information on the footer of your website.

By adding contact details, you prove to visitors that you’re a legit business as it builds trust. You can include details such as hours of operation, email, address, phone number, and other contact details.

5. Site Navigation

One of the most crucial pieces of information a footer can contain is site navigation. The most common reason why website visitors go to a footer is that they can’t find a specific page on the website. Moreover, a website visitor can learn more about a company’s products and services with the footer of a page. For people who can’t find what they’re looking for on a website, a footer can navigate them to that very specific page.

6. Include CTA’s

A great way to enhance the value of a website is by adding CTA’s. With effective CTA’s, it’s easy to convert website visitors. Moreover, it’s a great way to enhance the value of a landing page. Adding a CTA most certainly has a positive impact on lead generation and visitor engagement. Individuals who’ve made it to the last can also easily convert if they find a CTA in the footer of the page.

7. Feature Essential Company Info

A footer is a great place to display specific company information like career, about us, reviews, and other product inventories. Other specific, business-related information can also be considered for including in the footer.

8. Social Media Icons

Nowadays, it has become common for businesses to display their social media handles in the footer. Including social media links in the footer can establish a brand’s authority in the eyes of website visitors. Implementing this can prove that you’re a genuine brand which makes it easy for website users to even connect with your established brand.


To sum up, a ton of vital business information can be included in the footer of a website. An optimized footer can generate leads, and enhance the user experience of the website. Moreover, it can even lift organic search rankings and conversions. Hence, a footer shouldn’t be ignored as it can bring a ton of value to the website.

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