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SEO Services: All The Common Questions Answered

| September 13th, 2023 | 1283 Views

SEO Services

SEO or search engine optimization is all about improving a website’s rankings and traffic on the search engine results page. SEO is a vital domain of digital marketing that enables businesses to execute organic web marketing. With SEO services, businesses have benefitted largely as it helps them get relevant leads and sales. Hence, SEO enhances the online presence of a business vastly leading to more online visibility and conversions.

This blog will talk about the basics of SEO, and even how you can find the best SEO service provider alongside an actual list of SEO service providers. Therefore, the blog will cover what’s necessary to know about SEO and should clear some of the doubts regarding SEO.

The Fundamentals Of SEO

Search engine optimization consists of a series of measures that aim at increasing a website’s rankings on the search engine results page or SERPs like Google. With an increase in rankings, the visibility and website traffic boosts. SEO helps a website get found by users for specific search terms for which it is optimized.

Usually, SEO specialists or SEO experts perform these measures. Some companies have an in-house SEO team or some get it done by an SEO Company in India. Either way, SEO specialists know the actions that they have to perform that are mostly customized for a business.

SEO consists of tools, planning, and execution to get it done right. Moreover, SEO can be of various types which are:

  • White Hat SEO: These are the best and most approved ways of improving website ranking over time.
  • Black Hat SEO: Black Hat SEO consists of techniques that tend to exploit the search engines to get the rankings. These consist of unapproved methods and they are performed to get results quickly. However, these tactics are often penalized by Google.
  • Gray Hat SEO: Gray Hat SEO is the middle ground between White Hat and Black Hat SEO. It consists of tactics that are a combination of black-and-white hat SEO techniques.
  • Negative SEO: Negative SEO is all about bringing the competitors down and destroying their reputations. The idea here is to bring the competitor down to increase one’s rankings and standing on the web.

Therefore, SEO aids a business in performing organic marketing on the web. If performed right, a business can increase leads, conversions, and even revenue.

How SEO Is Beneficial For Businesses?

SEO or search engine optimization can help businesses increase their overall online visibility. It can help a business get discovered. Not only this but SEO can enhance sales, leads, conversions, and overall profits for a business of any size. Some of the major advantages of SEO are explained below:

Increased Visibility

As stated above, SEO can benefit companies by enhancing their web visibility. The website starts showing in the organic search results if the SEO of the website is done well. With a higher position of the website on the search results, the visibility certainly increases.

With better visibility on the search results, a website is more likely to get more traction and traffic. Hence, SEO is a complete plan to enhance website visibility, traffic, and rankings on the organic search engine results page.

Boosted Credibility

Certainly, when a website starts ranking higher in the search results, it’s usually considered trustworthy and credible by both the search engines as well as by individuals searching on the web. This is why the top 5 results get the most number of clicks on a search query.

If a business starts appearing frequently on some industry-based search queries, it can quickly develop a positive reputation on the web. With more credibility and trust, a company can enhance its overall clientele.

Unpaid Or Organic Marketing

Mostly what SEO requires is time and perseverance as it’s free and organic marketing. Yes, it can take some time to see some results, but most importantly, any small business can start online marketing with SEO as it’s unpaid.

SEO helps a website get discovered and brings new customers organically instead of paid means. SEO is all about providing valuable content and the better a website is at it, the more likely it’ll appear in the search results. This way, SEO itself can boost a company’s content marketing strategy and even help it gain traction at negligible costs.

An Easy Way To Outrank Competitors

If a business’s competitors are investing heavily in SEO, then they can’t stay behind them. With an effective SEO strategy, any business can outrank its competitors on the search result pages.

As SEO has many benefits such as better visibility, clicks, traffic, and enhanced rankings for a website, any business can outdo its competitors on the web with SEO. Moreover, the SEO process can help a business identify its competitors. Complete market research can be conducted as part of SEO.

Hence, SEO helps a business overtake its competitors in the search results which can directly increase sales and revenue as nowadays, individuals form decisions based on online reputation and visibility. With competitors outranked, a business can become more visible in the search results and gain more profits in comparison to its competitors.

Gain More Customers Locally Or Nationally

With SEO, every business can customize its strategy and execution. SEO helps a business target keywords that can likely attract customers across any stage of the sales funnel. Instead of focusing on demographics with paid advertisement, search engine optimization can help a company target an audience across a specific area with specified search intent.

SEO is customizable which helps a business gain more customers locally or nationally. All it requires is comprehensive keyword research on the company’s part that can help it acquire customers from any region.

What Tactics Are Used In SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization uses various tactics some of which are discussed below:

User Relevant Content

SEO is all about creating content that focuses on user intent. The content must be created with a target audience in mind. It should solve user queries and help them in any way possible. If it’s not helpful, the content created must be entertaining so that it can be shared.

For different platforms, different content requirements exist. For YouTube, video is the required content. The search engines, blogs, articles, and other written content are likely to work. Whatever the case might be, the content should be high quality and should help the users as the search engines focus on providing valuable, informational content to their users.

Create High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the links that a business creates on other websites. While creating these backlinks, companies that follow good SEO practices keep certain things in mind:

  • They ensure that the website they created a backlink on has a high DA or domain authority.
  • The website has a low spam score.
  • The website theme is similar to that of the business.

Hence, businesses keep such parameters in mind while creating backlinks. This ensures that the backlinks they create are of high quality and are not random. It’s the high-quality backlinks that bring any real results. Such backlinks can come from Guest posts, Profile creation, Press Releases, and other effective activities.

Fix Technical Issues On The Website

Any website that can’t be crawled or indexed properly cannot get ranked. A website with technical issues would make it problematic for search engines to crawl it correctly. Moreover, not just search engines but even users can get frustrated while using a website with technical flaws.

However, with technical SEO, companies ensure to keep their website’s technical faults at bay. Technical SEO involves measures such as:

  • Ensuring that the website is mobile-friendly
  • Creation of XML sitemap
  • Addition of structured data markup and more

With technical SEO, search bots can easily crawl and index a website. With this, the search bots can accurately read and store a website and show it in the results when necessary. With proper technical SEO optimization, websites can be displayed in the search results conveniently.

List Of Best SEO Services Provider

Even though there are a ton of SEO service providers in the market, these are some of the most trusted ones:

  • EZ Rankings

EZ Rankings has been providing quality full-stack digital marketing services since 2010. With over 12 years of experience, this SEO agency has served clients in 28+ countries, with over 10,000 accounts handled. They have experience in serving clients across various verticals and have helped them gain visibility, traffic, rankings, etc. For their work, they’ve even been recognized by HubSpot, Social Media Today, Daily Herald, and many more.

  • Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Alongside providing SEO, this agency provides complete digital marketing solutions to clients across industries. Established in 2005, this digital marketing agency has helped multiple clients achieve their organic web marketing goals.

They have clients in 10 different countries with over 220 employees and provide them with reasonable digital solutions as per their requirements.

  • Ignite Visibility

Another experienced SEO service provider on the list is Ignite Visibility. Ignite Visibility has been providing holistic web marketing solutions since 2013. A premium performance marketing firm, the agency has been providing specialized digital services to clients across multiple niches.

Through cutting-edge services, the agency aims to provide effective marketing solutions for all of its clients.

  • WebFX

Specializing in creating and assisting clients with their personalized marketing strategies, WebFX has helped businesses of all sizes and goals. With a dedicated team and experienced professionals, WebFX has assisted clients in increasing their keyword rankings, traffic, and conversions. With every digital service available, WebFX can surely help companies discover more with their web marketing tactics.

  • SocialSEO

SocialSEO is another firm that has been consistently providing contemporary digital marketing services to businesses in multiple industries. With a full-time team of 100, the agency has achieved unprecedented growth in the last few years. With their robust process and all-round effective strategies, they’ve helped clients reach unprecedented heights of success.

How Can  Businesses Find The Best SEO Service Provider?

Certainly, with multiple options available in the market, any business can get confused while looking for an SEO service provider. However, if companies keep certain aspects in mind, they’ll most likely make the right choice. Some of the factors that can be considered while choosing an SEO provider or best SEO Company include:

Look At Their Client Profile

First and foremost, all companies must check an SEO agency’s clientele. See what type of businesses they’ve worked with and how their clients feel about their services. A simple Google search and various review websites can assist individuals in picking the right SEO firm for their business.

Most importantly, see if they’ve served any business in a similar niche as that’ll help businesses get a clearer picture of the agency’s work. Also, a business must check an SEO agency’s case studies and SEO results and find client feedback on the web. Most SEO agencies even share some of this data on their website so businesses must ensure to go through their website thoroughly. This way, the chances of working with a suitable SEO firm remain high.

Their Services And The Cost

Every business has a budget and what they can spend on SEO. The ideal way for any business is not to tie themselves with some premium agency and its packages right away. They can start small, and then go big. This is especially true for businesses with limited capital.

Moreover, the services are the most important factor that a business should look for in an SEO agency. They should understand whether an SEO agency can serve their SEO vision or not. Also, can they deliver modern SEO services? Hence, a balance of pricing and services is an ideal approach for any business to follow when choosing an SEO agency.

An Initial Impression

If a business is so confident in an agency, they must set up a meeting with the agency. After contacting them, they should look for how they’re reacting and how open and transparent they are about the complete SEO process that they’re going to undertake.

If the conversations flow well and everything seems open and transparent, a company should finally proceed with that SEO agency. It’s also much better, that a company sets up a face-to-face meeting whether over video call or by visiting the agency. This way they can get a more accurate idea of what the agency has to truly offer.


To sum up, SEO is a continuous process with a ton of benefits. SEO specialists can certainly make the process a whole lot easier for businesses of all sizes. In today’s time for any business to survive, they need to have a dominant presence on the web. For this, they require vital SEO tactics from specialized SEO agencies that can help them overcome their competitors on the web and find more qualified leads.

Most businesses can find a suitable SEO agency to work with if they keep certain factors in mind. If planned and executed well enough, SEO can help businesses increase their ROI and even help them gain long-lasting benefits.

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