facebook How To Find Out the Reason of Your Website Ranking Drop
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How To Find Out the Reason of Your Website Ranking Drop

| March 3rd, 2021 | 2015 Views

Website Ranking DropThe issue of the ranking drop of a website can trigger panic among the owners of that site anytime. Losing the ranks on high-volume terms can be a common problem for many websites because of multiple reasons. As the owner of the website, you must be aware of such reasons and try to rectify them as soon as possible with the help of some relevant strategies.

To find out the exact reason for ranking drop, you have to spend some time with your website and check the potential factors that can harm the ranking and lessen it gradually. Here we are going to discuss some of the reasons and their solutions.

  • Sudden Surge in New Links

When there is a sudden surge in new links which are pointing to a certain domain, then a sudden drop of ranking of that domain can be possible. It is seen that if a domain has some trust issues in the past Google may randomize the influence of the new links for a while. Even if they are organic or relevant, then also Google can apply “rank transition function”.

You can use a backlink tool to check that sudden surge of new links to the website. These tools have the capability to check the new links which are discovered within a certain period. Make sure that these links are truly new, and are not the new addition to the list of the links. Always be careful about some unusual peak of new links.

  • Some Lost Links

Lost links can create the same impact on the ranking of your website as new links can do. A website with a limited number of backlinks has to depend on certain backlinks. In case those backlinks are removed or becomes unavailable for a while then it can reduce the ranking of that domain instantly.

You need to check those lost links to be sure that they are really lost. Try to add relevant and sufficient number of backlinks so that you cannot face such issues.

  • Changes in The Algorithms

Sudden changes in algorithms are one of the most common and known reasons for the decrease in the ranking for various websites. Sometimes, there are algorithm updates, and the website cannot match with the same.

As a result, those websites need to suffer from the issue of rank drop for a while. To obtain the ranking, your website has to be matched with the sophisticated updates of those algorithms. Thus, you need to be aware of those updates in a regular manner and try to implement them to keep the ranking intact or better.

  • Checking Basics Of Website Technologies

Every website has some basic technologies and some of them control the crawling or the indexing of the same. You need to be careful about those basic elements that are responsible for indexing. Some elements have immense negative impacts on the ranking of the portal. You need to check the canonical tags, contents of the pages as well as the other elements to ensure accuracy everywhere.

As the site owner, you have to be careful or alert all the time about the ranking and its sudden decrease. Make sure that you put enough efforts to obtain the higher ranking.

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