facebook 5 SEO Tips to Get More Sales on Holiday Session
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5 SEO Tips to Get More Sales on Holiday Session

| September 7th, 2021 | 1693 Views

Increase Sales

Holiday shopping is one thing that everyone looks forward to. It is all beginning to rev up as Cyber Monday and Black Friday kick off this particular season. Both these iconic dates, along with all weeks that straight up lead to the big day of Christmas, you are going to get massive traffic. By massive traffic, it only means that you are not only going to get a tremendous footfall on the stores and offline shops but the e-commerce traffic is also going to equally phenomenal.

In the current times, the traffic on the online stores even more as compared to the offline ones. To have a background check on the reality you can easily have data checked of the last two years. With these official kickoff season seasonal content and promotions for e-commerce sites outreach. Thus, with such wide array of choices setting apart shall no more be difficult because here are five imperative strategies of the SEO which shall augment marketing campaigns on holidays.

  1. Keyword Strategies and Reviewing Technical Fundamentals

Even if you have millions of ideas on marketing sprawling on the head yet before anyone being formally launched it is good practice reviewing basics of the SEO. This helps in optimizing the technical foundation of the website for positioning pages to be ranked, indexed and crawled well. The fundamentals must be reviewed processes that include optimizing the speed of pages for faster load outs.

Some others include ensuring that high traffic of visitors is handled by servers, resolving the error 404 pages and placing pages with lost landing, broken links, and 301 redirects. One also must shoot for fruit that is low hanging by inserting calls to actions that are visible so that conversions are easier. Leverage and focus on keywords with long tail or terms which included product specifics or branded terms such as discounts or coupons. You may need the need of Google Analytics.

  1. Seasonal Content And Landing Pages For Holidays

When you launch the blitz of the marketing for seasonal content earlier then that really helps in keeping the brand at the top of the mind. This way making the purchasing decisions can be made by the end of the weekend. Start by having the launch pages launched and run promotions for at least more than two weeks to more than six weeks in advance of such weekends.

One of the most popular ways is to produce gift guides and seasonal content that seek in building product awareness.  This is done by having the useful information provided to customers for making the most of holidays. The trending content has to be observed by having a look at all the seasonal keywords. These pages usually feature enticing headline, descriptive copies of ad and meta-tags that are optimized.

  1. Huge Reviews and Optimizing TouchPoints That Are Weak

With almost a laundry list of special promotions along with product listings, people have a tendency in doing online researches before purchases are made during holiday seasons. Hence in analytics, you are bound to expect pogo ticking. These reviews, especially the positive ones make them trust the stores and buy things. Customer testimonials and case studies are ideal to be showcased on the landing pages to influence decisions of buying.

It is vital to have bases covered because of the fierce competition around hence using Google Analytics core web pages can be evaluated. These evaluations can help you find out pages that least contribute to lead generation and conversion rates. The Google Adwords can also be leveraged for mapping out underperforming touchpoints using analytics that is data-driven.

  1. Social Media & Cross-Channel Promotions

Social media is a platform that is cost-effective for advertising promotions and ensuring that right audience is reached. Hence, besides running only the promotions leverage the sites of social networking for distributing content that is holiday-themed. This will also leave the brand on top of minds. The best channel for social media has to be known which can receive high engagements for content submissions that are user-generated and contests.

Leveraging AMPs have to be considered if one is targeting the mobile devices thus it is not just the web platform but alternative platforms have to be leveraged for marketing products.

  1. Not Forgetting Links and Paid Advertising

Acquiring links from local citations, listing on big days like Black Friday and retailers help in ranking the landing pages organically above competitions. Links to significant publications are vital because the focus should entirely be on increasing the organic visits and capturing leads.

Another way for driving eyeballs directly to the landing pages of products and seasonal content is conducting advertisements over social and search. Thus, it is often recommended that campaigns are retargeted before Black Fridays so that advertisements can be driven by people who have already been visitors to pages.

A Colossal Win

For any of the e-commerce platforms, a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday is quite significant. Leveraging these strategies mentioned above along with the insertions of the pertinent keywords for making most of the marketing campaigns can be a great decision. All these events mark the start of the holiday season marketing and not the end at all. Thus, continue running campaigns up till Christmas.

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