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Why Page Load Speed is Important for Your Website?

| August 19th, 2015 | 2492 Views

Slow loading websites annoy users and can also affect your site’s ranking in Google’s search results. Websites can load slowly for a variety of reasons, including bad optimization and poor quality web hosting.

What is page speed and why is it important

Page speed is the amount of time taken for a website to load. Optimized websites with high-quality hosting take less time to load. Page speed matters for several reasons. The first is that your target audience is far more likely to stay on your website if it loads quickly. The second is that Google and other search engines penalize websites that load slowly.

Why page speed is important to Google

In 2010, Google announced that it would start integrating page load speed into its ranking algorithm. Google’s prioritized site speed as a ranking factor to create a better user experience. The faster your website loads, the greater the chance that a user will have a positive experience with your site. In 2010, Google said that only nearly 1% of search engine results were affected by the page speed ranking signal.

Why page speed is important for users

Page speed is incredibly important for best user experience. Websites that load faster create a positive impression in the minds of people and they are more likely to stay on your website, resulting in increased conversions and sale.

How to improve page load speed

      • Make sure you have a high-quality server to host your website

      • If your website serves a global audience, use a content delivery network (CDN) to speed up content delivery

      • Optimize your images and video

      • Use tools like Page Speed Insights and Web Page Test to find out if any scripts are slowing down your website

      • If your website runs on WordPress, make sure you don’t have unnecessary plugins installed

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