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4 Cutting-Edge Technologies To Increase Your Website Speed

| August 12th, 2022 | 2003 Views

4 Cutting-Edge Technologies To Increase Your Website Speed

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The use of the Internet is imperative to any type of job in today’s world. People have become dependent on the use of internet globally. The performance of the web is critical to our business or any other operation that ewe undertake. It is mainly the speed of the internet that does matter. In this fast-paced world, people do not have the time or patience for the loading and functioning of websites. Among the most modern technologies that have been implemented, the following four are most effective in speeding up the sites.

1. HTTP/2:

This is the latest version of the web protocol. In this advanced version, multiple requests can be met with one connection. This increases the loading speed of the websites. In the HTTP/1 versions, the speed became slower when multiple requests were forwarded. The use of such servers using the previous versions was tedious and a test of patience. The protocol is in the binary form which makes it easier for the server to process. This again is responsible for reducing the opening time of the web pages. This version has been around since the last year. Most of the servers are gradually shifting to this form of protocol. This gives a better feel for using the internet.

2. Brotli:

This is a new algorithm that has been launched by Google about a year ago. This is an algorithm that works on the data compression. As a result, the data traffic that takes place in the browser is decreased. This causes a significant reduction of data size. All browsers are not supporting Brotli at the moment. If you start using Brotli, data compression takes place at an increased rate of about 25% takes place. Google Chrome and Firefox are presently supporting this algorithm. It is expected that other servers will too start taking advantage of this algorithm. This will allow greater data to be sent in lesser time. The overall efficiency of the servers will be enhanced. You have to wait and see when the other major servers start using this.

3. Content Delivery Network (CDN):

In this system, your website content data is spread over different servers all over the world. When anyone tries to access your site, the data starts getting loaded from the nearest server. This reduces the speed of the loading and is a matter of relief to the user. Your site becomes more reliable. There is no excessive pressure on a single server. This saves your site also from crashing due to high traffic. The speed of loading of the websites gets boosted by more than 50%.

4. SSL Certificate:

The SSL Certification is essential for getting the encryption of the data done. This is essential to get the security of the data transfer system and also the privacy of it. The process of getting the certification is not at all complex. There is a general misconception that the procedure is very complex. This type of encryption can be availed with the help of ‘Let’s Encrypt’. This is a certification authority that allows you to get the certificates easily for the encryption process. If you take the help of ‘Let’s Encrypt’, you will not have to avail any of the manual processes. All the activities can be done online. You can do the entire process in a very short time. This encryption is required for the HTTP 2 protocol. You can ask your hosting provider for the certification or do it yourself if you are running your own server.

You must engage one of the reliable digital agencies that can help you in incorporating these modern technologies. They will help in the better access of your website.

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