facebook Working In The SEO Industry Can Be Disastrous If You Don't Follow These 5 Rules
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Working In The SEO Industry Can Be Disastrous If You Don’t Follow These 5 Rules

| August 17th, 2022 | 1670 Views

It is no more a secret that SEO services are all about Ethical practices & working around THE secret Algorithm. However, there are so many agencies that don’t shy away from over promising but under delivering.

Let’s talk about 5 RULES that need to be followed in order to avoid disastrous effects:

1. Over Optimization:

In some industries, over delivering isn’t bad but the case is vise versa in Online Marketing. If you over optimize, be rest assured that the website is moving towards disaster. Over optimization should definitely be a NO-NO for any website.

2. Bad Linking:

We all know that linking is good. Linking, if done correctly helps us generate relevant traffic & more sales. It also helps us get acknowledged by the search engines. However, not all kind of linking is helpful. Bad linking can be very harmful. It should be avoided at all cost.

4. Missing Call to Action:

We encounter this too often. Website owners take so much pride & efforts in creating the unique website. In fact, so much focus is put on Quality & Unique content that some end up missing appropriate call to action on websites. With an appropriate call to action missing, the whole purpose of optimizing a website or even creating a website goes waste!!! Hence, it is advisable to think & identify the call to action that is measurable & easy for users to ensure better conversion.

5. Grey Hat Vs. White Hat

There are companies, individuals & even clients who don’t hesitate to ask for Grey Hat Techniques. Either they lack patience or they lack understanding of the industry. Whatever said & done, Grey is the new black!!! Leading search engines have ZERO tolerance to such practices & if found guilty, search engines don’t think twice before penalizing the website. Some Big Brands like BBC, BMW & Expedia have not been spared from the same.

These are just a few points that emphasize the importance of white hat techniques.

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