facebook Know the Hidden Social Media Features to Help Your Small Business Flourish
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Know the Hidden Social Media Features to Help Your Small Business Flourish

| March 3rd, 2021 | 1670 Views

Every small business should have a social media strategy to build up followers and social shares with unique content and good management. However, you need to know a few hidden social media features to help your business thrive.


1. Share Your Google+ Circles

Use Google+ “Your Circles” and then click on whatever circle you want to share by hovering over the circle and clicking the middle arrow. You can then create a post so that others in your circle can see and use it.

2. Embed SlideShare Presentations into Tweets

You can share your multiple SlideShare presentations on Twitter by automatically embedding the same so that users don’t even have to leave Twitter to look through your presentations.

3. “Other” Messages on Facebook

You may get messages from someone with whom you are not connected on Facebook. If that happens, the message will go straight into an “other” folder without a notification. To prevent messages from being unread, find the “other” folder by simply clicking your Facebook inbox.

4. Save Links on Facebook

Following influences and companies in your industry will help you get all great links and information they are posting on Facebook. You can save such links to read later by clicking on “save link” button to keep them in a “saved” folder.

5. LinkedIn Connections

You can export your LinkedIn Connections to get a full list of their name, title, company name, and email address.

6. Use Google+ Ripples

Google+ Ripples enables you to see on Google+ circles who have shared an article, and then how these articles are shared or re-shared.

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