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Amazon Challenges Netflix on Video Services

| January 16th, 2023 | 1769 Views

Amazon has emerged as a challenge to video services of Netflix. After a year of hard work, the company has come up as the chief competitor to Netflix. Amazon has now announced that it will be launching a video subscription service at an affordable price.

Initially, Amazon made video streaming available only to those subscribers that paid an annual rental of Amazon Prime Services. This subscription package offered customers the benefit of viewing old films along with modern Television soaps. Additionally, Amazon also offered certain shows, like The Man in the High Castle and Transparent that were exclusive and, therefore, limited to Amazon subscribers only.

Benefit in Option For Amazon Subscription

To attract more and more customers, Amazon announced that it will be charging $8.99 per month for its new video subscription service. This subscription rate is $1.00 less than the Standard video subscription plan of Netflix.

The best part about Amazon’s newly launched video streaming subscription is that it allows streaming of videos on multiple devices simultaneously. Also, while the pace of streaming the video is fast and smooth, the quality of the video is high and invincible.

Compared to the other video streaming subscription providers, Amazon offers a lesser amount for the monthly video subscription plan that it is providing.

While all Amazon customers are free to choose between the yearly and monthly subscription, they can opt to take the annual video streaming plan of $99.00 but pay for the same on a monthly basis.

What is New About Amazon?

Amazon’s new options for monthly video streaming subscription allow customers to choose between $8.99 and $10.99 every month. While the first Prime subscription plan allows individuals to stream television shows and movies, the latter rental plan, alongside enabling you to stream videos, provides you with the benefit of getting all your Amazon orders delivered to you within two business days, for free.

The Amazon Prime plan has been a massive success for the organization. However, to get the subscription, all new customers had to pay an upfront amount of $99.00. To do away with the upfront rental, the new Prime plan options are introduced. Now customers can just take the video streaming subscription without paying an annual rental for it.

How Does the New Plan Help People?

The new Prime plans of Amazon save customers money as people have the option of subscribing to the video streaming services for a limited time. Thus, you can choose any Prime plan and pay for it as long as you wish to have it. This means if you want the service to be with you for four months, you only have to pay the plan rental for those months.

Also, by making monthly payment options available to everyone, the company is making it easier for customers to compare the rental of Netflix to that of Amazon’s Prime plans.

It is true that Netflix always offered monthly video streaming plans to its customers to save them from paying video streaming rental annually. With each plan, the quality of the video display varied. However, both Amazon’s Prime plans provide customers with excellent video quality.

Thus, no matter which Prime service you choose, you are likely to be satisfied with the quality of the video content.

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