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Who is the Best Choice for Paid Marketing: Google or Facebook

| April 22nd, 2016 | 1746 Views

With millions of businesses flocking to the internet, it is hard for users to distinguish between the offerings of one business with another. In today’s world, businesses have to keep track of the money spent on advertising but when you want to spread your reach, you have to consider the option of paid marketing.

Significance of Paid Marketing

Whether it is about targeting the client base that you already have or want to reach out to people based in different corners of the globe, you have to stick to a zip code, state, area, country and various other parameters. With paid marketing, businesses can scale to different heights and it has gradually become an important aspect of search engine optimization.

This article discusses how Google and Facebook have emerged as a prominent option for paid marketing and a preferable tool for search engine optimization companies.

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In the modern day scenario what matters most is being visible and you have to find out ways to make your business outbid the competitors. If you are keen to show what you offer to your clients, you have to find ways to make your business noteworthy and eminent. While there are various options on the internet when it comes to free marketing and advertising, the results of paid marketing are better and the level of transparency increases with each effort.


Google has emerged as one of the platforms that a lot of businesses have chosen for marketing and the obvious result is Google AdWords. How exactly do you benefit from Google, particularly because it is a paid option?

When you are looking to bring in more people to visit your website or want changes in the way your online sales have grown during the recent years, you cannot ask for more if you have chosen this tool. If you are wondering about the amount that you have to pay for showcasing your products, you have to pay only when someone clicks on the advertisement that you have posted on the internet.

You can target your customers in the local area or those that are based in another country. When it comes to Google, preciseness adds to the value of your business as people are able to find what they want.


A lot of marketers have faced the dilemma of making their marketing efforts worthy enough and moving through multiple channels. Presently, more than one billion people use Facebook to connect with what they want.

For instance, if you are selling a cosmetic product and want people to notice it, they can get the direction to your store, download the app on their mobile devices or view the videos that you have posted. While all this is part of search engine optimization, you gain a lot from this prospect of paid searches on Facebook. According to research and studies, paid marketing through Facebook have allowed a drastic increase in sales without making many changes in the overhead cost of the business.

It is true that paid marketing has opened new avenues for businesses and have made their paid marketing efforts worthy and effective.