facebook Google Launches Business-Friendly Tool That Tests Website Mobile-Friendliness & Page Speed
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Google Launches Business-Friendly Tool That Tests Website Mobile-Friendliness & Page Speed

| March 9th, 2021 | 1886 Views

In a world where tech innovations and discoveries determine the way of life, Google emerges as a revolutionary global network. As one of the leading search engines and global networking platform, Google never fails to surprise followers. After a series of algorithmic changes and other transformations, the company is back again with another crucial announcement.

 mobile-friendliness testing tools

Google has decided to launch a brand new tool capable of testing your landing page speed and mobile–friendliness. Marketers or business owners will no longer require using the traditional page speed or mobile-friendliness testing tools, and get their sites tested for both mobile devices and desktops.
Unraveling the aspects

Although the company has not yet reached a decision about naming this tool, it has already shared some of the highly important aspects and highlights associated with it. Some of these aspects include:

  • Collective Scoring: With this tool, you will receive all the results on a single page. Scores on mobile-friendliness, desktop speed, and mobile speed will appear on a single page.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: You will have detailed reports worth sharing with your webmasters.
  • Accurate Scoring: With this new feature, Google will not only find out whether your site is mobile-friendly or not but also offer accurate scores on 100. As the result, you will know how much you need to work on your website.

Assessing the Scores

Before using this score, you must know what they state. Understanding and comprehending the score will be a crucial thing to do in this regard.
Let’s get down to discussing the results offered by this particular tool.

1. Mobile Speed: In this particular segment, you will develop an idea of your site loading time. A website that takes too much of time to load will inevitably miss out on potential customers. Your visitors will hate to wait, and once they have to do so, they will quickly jump from one site to the other. Therefore, it’s imperative to increase your page-loading speed.

2. Desktop Speed: Your desktop-speed score indicates the time taken by your website to load in desktops. And it’s not just your visitors’ internet connection playing the significant part here. The elements present in your site also have an important role to play. A reliable data connection and clutter-free website elements result in smooth and fast page loading.

3. Mobile Friendliness: While clicking on your site on the go, users will inevitably wish for a unique and unparalleled user experience. As an ingenious website owner, it happens to be amongst your prime responsibilities to ensure your site’s mobile-friendliness.

You must take utmost care to make it easily navigable alongside ensuring the presence of tappable buttons. Since every potential customer will look for the most important news, offers, and deals, it will be judicious to feature them at the center of your website.

Effective Suggestions

Apart from providing you with accurate scores, this particular tool will also offer useful suggestions on how to improve your site’s performance. In a nutshell, this new tool by Google is an outstanding way of enhancing your site’s appearance and performance, thus fetching you numerous qualified leads.

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