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How to Rank Your Website for “Near Me” Local Searches

| March 3rd, 2021 | 2161 Views

Are you having a small business or a open store, say a pet shop, a doctor’s office or any local business? Are people finding your local business? Are you getting traffic generated from google see your local business? If no then don’t worry, you are not alone and this is a pretty common problem.

With increasing awareness and use of internet by almost everyone, there is a great need for stores and local businesses to appear on the front page of google. This is not an exaggeration because, most of the people looking for some help with a local business do not pass the first pages of search engines and obviously these visitors can become the most potential customers. Therefore optimizing the local businesses to appear better on the search engines is crucial.


Need for Optimizing a Local Search:

With increased awareness, one can feel a sudden sharp increase in the “near me” searches. Say for instance, one started searching internet for everything including – “a florist shop near me”, “a bakery near me”, “and coffee shops near me” or even “light lounges near me”. This is because of increased popularity for near me searches. Any local business that can rank better on search engine can appear way ahead in any of these local searches, thus increasing the need for optimizing a local business.

Optimizing a site for local search is the key to appear on the front pages of search engine. Precisely all of this is needed to be found online by the local audience visiting the site and are willing to turn out into potential customers than mere fans. So you need to hire a Local SEO Company that can assist you for the same.

Factors that can Influence the Near Me Search Results:

If you run a local business and are looking forward for a more optimized and better ranking in the search results, then considering the search terms and getting a hold of these few key factors can remain helpful. They include:

  • An accurate display of business name and contact number: This is one very important factor to consider while preparing to optimize a site. Make sure you provide proper and correct display name and contact numbers of your business. These will appear on the search engine pages. People can remember a business with its name and reach out to the business through appropriate contact details. So make sure both the details provided are apt and accurate. This could be made possible using the schema mark-up, which contains data like the address to a local store, its accurate region, postal code, city, state and country. Google can easily read through the updated schema mark-up and can help the local business reach the potential customers performing a near me local search.
  • Consistency is the key: Make sure you provide same information about the local business throughout the search engine. That is for example, you own a coffee shop. The
    details about the coffees shop, say the display name or the contact details, its location or the licensing information should remain the same throughout the search engine. Providing consistent information is the key to optimize search engine results.However, if you provide a different or a wrong address about the same coffee shop anywhere there is a great chance to confuse Google, which will prevent your local store from making to the top. One can also check the accuracy of the listings using the local listing scan tools available on the internet.
  • Your reviews can help you rank better: Make sure you provide customer ratings along with their reviews . They should appear on top after the display name and the contact details on the local search. This could help your local search showcase the site on the search engine in a much better way.Also writing a review for a business is pretty easy through Google. All one need to do is to open Google maps, find the business look for rating and the select write review to express the opinions.The number of positive reviews attained by a business can fetch it with better rankings on search engine. Also replying and responding to the customer reviews can be extremely helpful when considering a local business for search engine optimization.
  • Photographs can do the job: Make sure you have a separate display picture for your store that would appear on the search engine. A photograph, which would serve as a display picture will make it a perfect fit apart from the stock photos that appear on the site. This picture should be specially attributed to the site as a display picture and will stand out from the other photographs.
  • Mobile friendly sites can make the most: Most of the time a search for a near me local store will happen on the mobiles of the visitors, who can turn out to be some really valuable customers. Therefore, make sure you have a mobile friendly website, which could be managed easily without much hassle. Also make sure the mobile site should be in a position to provide all the needed information for the customers so as to make them feel that they are in the right place.However, according to few surveys, most of the local business and the near me search sites lack a proper mobile friendly version of the store.

Apart from the above mentioned factors that influence the near me searches, when searching the google for a local business, one can not miss on the geotags that specify location of the local store. It is pretty essential and is imperative for a near me search. However, one should also consider the most important thing that cannot be missed when considering any local business for search engine optimization. It is the use of appropriate content without keyword choking. Tactful use of necessary keywords both desktop and mobile friendly keywords along with longer content can fetch more visibility to the site. This will not only ensure top rankings but will also improve traffic for the site, increase the number of potential back links and will also improve the shares.

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