facebook Penguin 4.0: How It Will Take SEO to a Completely New Level?
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Penguin 4.0: How It Will Take SEO to a Completely New Level?

| July 24th, 2023 | 1871 Views

It was in 2012 that the first Penguin Update was introduced; yes, it was sort of a warning from Google that “Link spam” is a STRICT NO! With this update, Google made it clear that spammers who try spoiling it should stay away. Obviously, all entrepreneurs who are into SEO business fear these Penguin updates, thanks to its dangerous nature. No matter whether black hat or white hat, all SEO providers started fearing this update.

Many a time, what happens is that clients were pretty pissed off with SEO providers because of a sudden drop in site rankings; if you have hired a company for SEO, you will certainly not like to hear the answer “It’s because of Penguin update”. This drop brings in various arguments and it actually becomes difficult to convince clients.

Constant fear about these updates

SEO industry had constant fear that anytime, a refresh or an update could come in and destroy everything. Sometimes, it can be a minor one, but at times, it can be a very DREADFUL one.

When an update had come in the year 2013, many providers drastically changed the strategy and adjusted with it; relevant and high-quality links were created along with relevant and unique content; this helped in gaining a good ranking naturally. We all know that “Content is king”; the more useful the content is, the more interested the users are and the more traffic there is on the website.

Penguin updates aren’t bad!

One must have a proper understanding that the updates or iterations are not bad; it is just an attempt by Google for refining the engines so as to give a good user experience. In olden days, there used to be those keyword-laden articles that looked perfect only on pages; but internally, they were of no use. For many users, they were unhelpful and annoying.

Very soon, Penguin 4.0 will be officially released and its implementation and launch will be very surprising. It has been a year since all announcements and press releases contain Penguin 4.0 updates clues.

Obviously, digital agencies who are best in this industry are aware of how important it is going to be; they can operate in a way which will ensure that their work is not exploited much by manipulators or updates. There are no concerns about getting purged; instead, benefits can be reaped and such agencies will be considered among the top-level companies in this digital marketplace.

If you have a business and have opted for an SEO service, you should be aware that it is not a one-day process; a lot of patience is needed so as to get the BEST. Such updates indeed help to strengthen the SEO process and get rid of scamsters in the industry; it’s good that Google is making efforts to launch such updates as it will definitely take the SEO industry to a completely new level.

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