facebook 5 Easy Steps to Recover From Website Ranking Drop
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5 Easy Steps to Recover From Website Ranking Drop

| March 9th, 2021 | 1843 Views


One day you wake up and suddenly notice your website is suffering from the severe ranking drop. This can be more frightening than any nightmare to any website owner. After all, a site owner puts all his effort and money to ensure a higher ranking for his website because that can let him earn a profit in his business. The matter is not a casual one, and you must find out the best way of fixing this issue as soon as possible.

However, before you understand the diagnosis, you need to understand the ailment. Try to know what the reason is or what can be the most common causes of such ranking drop of any website.

  1. Rank Drop For Manual Or Algorithm Penalty

This is a very common matter and can happen to any website if the site is not monitored regularly by the owner. Two types of penalty you can expect from Google in such a case. If Google releases some new updates regarding the changes in the current algorithm, then your site can lose its rank if it has elements that do not match those new strategies. On the other hand, there are Google employees who can manually penalize your website for various reasons.

To get rid of Google penalty; whether it is manual or algorithm based; you need to monitor the Google Webmaster Tool account in a constant manner. Tracking the updates or the notifications on that profile given from Google will help you to understand why your website is suffering from the penalty and as a result, receive the rank drop. Checking the alerts from Google regarding the penalty will help you to understand which is wrong with your website, and then you must try to fix the issue to get them back the lost rank as soon as possible.

Try to understand if it is on-page or off-page and then find out the right solution. You should track your links and contents continuously to ensure that all are relevant and not duplicate.

  1. Duplicate Content With Inappropriate Keywords

There are websites that publish duplicate contents with inappropriate keywords. Nothing can save them from being penalized by the major search engines and having the rank drop. The only thing can solve this problem is a complete change of the content of the website including the Meta Tags. You should make each and every sentence of your website fresh and original.

The use of the relevant, accurate keyword should be done to get rid of the rank drop issue. If you have irrelevant and useless keywords that do not have any connection with your business, then no one can save you from the rank drop. Use the best keyword analysis tools to find out the aptest and most relevant keywords that are perfect according to your industry or products. Choose the one with the highest searching result and put them carefully in your content on the pages.

  1. Black Hat SEO Practice

Practicing unethical or bad SEO can be a big cause for the drop in the rank of your website. If the search engines find websites that practice the banned or bad SEO techniques, then they will take immediate action against the websites that are doing the same.

Thus, it is very much important to know what SEO techniques are banned by these search engines and try not to use them no matter how critical the situation is. These techniques may offer you higher ranking within a few days, but they are not at all good for achieving long-term success on SERPs. If your website is going through any of such strategies, then you can get notification from Google on your Webmaster Tool profile. Check them and try to avoid them immediately. You should try authentic and genuine SEO techniques only for your web pages.

  1. Getting Outranked

If your competitors outranked your website, then you may suffer from rank drop soon. As the website owner, you must understand how to deal with this issue.

You need to track your top competitors’ websites in a regular manner to check what types of links and SEO strategies they are having. You need to understand what features are there on your site that makes you outdated in the market. If their growth is constant, then you should follow their techniques in obtaining a higher ranking.

  1. Loading Time

If your website is taking too much to time to be loaded, then you may lose traffic, and that can affect your ranking badly. Visitors do not prefer to wait for more than 10 seconds to open a page after clicking on the link. So you have to get rid of the elements that can make your website heavy and take more time to be loaded. Delete the unnecessary items and keep the pages clearer.

These are some solutions or steps you should follow to get rid of the rank drop issues. As the website owner, you need to monitor your website regularly and try to fix the issues (whenever you find any) as soon as possible.

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