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Things To Consider Before Associating with Reseller SEO Company

| July 14th, 2023 | 1562 Views

As we are moving towards digitization, more businesses are coming online to gain new customers. With overgrowing competition online, businesses need robust SEO services to improve their visibility across search engines and other touchpoints. 

This brings a good business opportunity for companies that are already providing IT services. By doing a partnership with a reseller SEO partner, you can generate more revenue from their existing clients. Along with existing customers, it becomes much easier for companies to gain more clients that are specifically looking for SEO services. 

If you are also planning to grow your business by associating with an reseller SEO Company then this blog is for you. In this post, we will have a look at what are some key points you need to keep in mind while hiring a good SEO reseller. As there are several SEO companies present that offer the same services, it becomes critical to pick the right one. To clear this confusion, we have done the research for you so that you can hire a reliable provider. 

Who are SEO resellers?

If you are new to this term then it’s first important to know what exactly an reseller SEO Company will do for your business. They are professional SEO agencies that let you use their SEO expertise on a white label basis without revealing their identity to your clients. 

When you sign a contract with them, you don’t need to hire a dedicated in-house team as everything is managed by their professionals. This business model brings in several benefits and many companies are already doing this to generate additional revenue. 

As SEO is a critical service that every online business owner needs, it can help companies to scale their processes in a much seamless manner. However, it’s important that you sign up with the right SEO reseller, and to help you with this, we have gathered some important points. 

Define SEO Goals

Search engine optimization is vast and even if you are going to tie up with a reseller, you need to first define your SEO goals. The goals will cover all the SEO aspects that you will pitch to your customers. It is a crucial step as it will help you and the SEO company to create a custom SEO package. Even if you are not creating a custom SEO package, the company can suggest a few popular ones based on your criteria. 

If you don’t know what includes in the basic package, do a quick Google search of SEO packages and their offerings. By doing this, you will get a pretty good idea of offerings and price estimation. 

Check all relevant information

Never rush finalizing your SEO reseller partner, before you sign a contract, it’s better to gather some relevant information about the companies. For example, if you have shortlisted three companies for the partnership, you need to check a lot of data about them.

The first thing you need to check is their online reviews on other third-party sites to know the feedback of real customers. Even if you see 80% positive results, you can consider that agency. It is because SEO is tricky and most businesses don’t have that much patience for organic growth and they post a negative review about the company. Check their testimonials, reviews, ratings, and what they are offering with prices. 

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SEO techniques

Search optimization broadly has two ways — white hat and the second is black hat. For those who don’t know, a white hat is a legitimate way of performing SEO. On the other hand, black hat techniques bring faster results but in dubious ways. So, it becomes critical to have words with the SEO agency to know what SEO techniques they use for optimization. 

A professional company is always open about its work and how they bring their results. They will not show their step-by-step process however, you will get a good idea about their work. For doing this, you can schedule a call with the agency and have words with them. Once you are satisfied with their work process, you can shortlist them.

Visit them in-person

This may not be possible for many people but if your company that the reseller SEO Company is in the same city, you can schedule a meeting with them. It will help you build a good bond and a long-term relation. If meeting in-person is not possible it’s a good idea to organize a virtual meeting to discuss your requirements and budget. 

By doing this extra thing, your and the SEO company can be on the same page and it will help you plan the SEO packages with more detailing. 

Budget discussion

While you finalize the agency, it’s much better to discuss finances at the very beginning of the association. It is the most instrumental step of the process that can help you establish a long-run partnership with the company. If you already have SEO leads from your existing customers, then you can negotiate on this basis and the SEO reseller company might reduce the cost. Even if you are starting out and don’t have leads, it’s vital to talk about the budget. 

Ask everything about any kind of additional costs that are associated with the packages. Also, also discuss the paid campaigns that they will run for your customers. They could be monthly, weekly, or depending upon the customers’ requirements. If the SEO package is going beyond your budget, you can negotiate this as well, and only by healthy discussion, you & the company can reach a conclusion. 

Read guarantee documents

SEO is very dynamic and a best SEO company will never over-promise that they can rank a new website on top position for competitive keywords. If you notice such guarantees from any of the SEO resellers, it’s better to be aware of them. Instead, go with that SEO agency that claims genuine results over a period of time. 

This is a game-changing factor that can define success or vice versa. Understand how SEO works from the resellers and then know about their claims and timelines. A professional SEO reseller will always give you a legitimate timeline and they will not make any kind of surprising claims. 

Beyond SEO

Apart from associating with SEO services, it’s always a smart move to think beyond SEO services to grow your business. If the SEO agency also offers some additional SEO services like content marketing or video production, you can pitch that services to your existing customers also. Once you are satisfied with their SEO services, you can scale the partnership with other services and grow your business.

It will give you the opportunity to tap into different industries and gain more customers onboard. One thing you need to take care of is their services. There should not be any kind of delay or lack of transparency between your company and that SEO reseller.

These were the top important ways to pick the right reseller SEO Company and get started with growing your business. It’s the right time to grow your business with search optimization business and establish a deeper trust among the customers. Follow these simple steps to hire the best agency to get performance-driven results for you and your customers.