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7 Tips to Increase Black Friday sales

| March 3rd, 2021 | 1777 Views

Black Friday Sales Increase

Thanksgiving is almost here now, it is not far away. Besides mashed potato and turkey, for savvy shoppers, this festival stands for the Black Friday Sales. This is a lucrative opportunity for all the retailers to income a good amount of money on this day, regarded as the biggest shopping day of the year. This can be achieved more smoothly by offering attractive deals and knowing the best method how to promote these offers amongst the common people to grab the attention of the customers. The experienced entrepreneurs have always some great strategies and tip to help you to achieve the goal of making it big on this biggest day of this upcoming weekend of holidays. You must remember that the number of e-commerce stores is increasing day by day and Black Fridays are no more only about the retail of brick and mortar. So here are a few tips which are going to help you for sure with your business on this big day:-

  1. A Sense of Urgency With Help of Countdown Timer:

This is a great way to increase the hype amongst the customers about the upcoming sale. The aim of the consumers is to strike the best of deals on this Black Friday and they rush for it. So, the brands may introduce the countdown timer to count every minute and second with them. The customers become encouraged and they are reminded about the deals coming to their way, so they do not miss the deals and eventually increase the sale of your products.

  1. Rewards For The Loyal Customers:-

No matter how much rush is there, no matter how much hectic it is for you to maintain the pace of sale on this Black Friday, you should not miss maintaining the sight of all the customers. Introduce a loyalty program and offer special additional deals to the loyal customers. In this way, with these rewards, you will be able to cultivate much more holiday sales, more customers will enroll themselves under the loyalty program and the customer base of your company will be stronger. During this sales period, these rewards will be cherry on the cake for the customers. All the no-loyal or new customers will be encouraged to become loyal customers with the program. The offers can be like- a preview of the sale for the loyal customers, best prices etc.

  1. Break Through The Noise:-

Do not follow the trends that your competitors are following, make it on your own. Break the traditional norms and rules of the Black Friday sales, create your own style and strategy. If you are different from the others, the customers will be attracted to you for your exclusivity. While every other company titles there offers as ‘Black Friday sales’, you can give it a different tile. The curiosity of the customers will be pumped up, they will come to you to see what is new about you and the customer base will be stronger than ever.

  1. Donate a Part of Your Entire Profits For Charity Works:-

This is a season of giving, not only thanks and gratitude but many things more than that. This season, make all the customers feel fuzzy and warm to keep them happy. The best way to do that is to donate a portion of the entire profited amount to some charity works. If you use a part of the money, earned from the sales to some good cause, the customers will want to spend their money to your company as they will feel their money will going to be spent for some good cause. This association will automatically increase sales. So do not only tap into the spirit of the season that is charitable, but help the customers to share a good deed. Also, during the process of check out, promote that a portion of the amount they have paid will be donated and give them a chance to share that thing on social media that they have donated a part of their money to the charity.

  1. Creating Landing Pages Which Are SEO-Friendly:-

In this age of technological advancement, of mobile phones and apps, online shopping has become a huge part of the business. Eventually, the Black Friday traffic is not only about the foot-traffic but about the online shoppers as well. So, you must optimize the landing pages as soon as possible for the sales. The main target of the SEO landing pages should be the main Black Friday terms including the name of the brand and the special deals on this occasion so that the online shoppers have a good experience while shopping and land on a good convertible page. If the page is not well optimized, even the generic coupon sites can steal the show and you can lose a good amount of traffic.

  1. Free Shipping:-

If your e-commerce business is about physical goods than on Black Friday offer free shipping to the customers. The customers always become happy if they do not have to pay any extra cost apart from the cost of the goods. This is regarded as a top incentive to increase online shopping.

  1. Learn From Past Experience:-

Last but not least, learning always help us to grow in a proper manner. A lot of things can be learned from the mistakes that you have committed in the last year during sales. Go through the business notes of last year, Google analytics and key reports of the business sales of the previous year.

It will help you to prepare according to the behavior and response of the customers and you will get an idea about which kind of goods can make good business.

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