facebook Get Ready As Google To Boost Mobile Friendly Algorithm in May 2016
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Get Ready As Google To Boost Mobile Friendly Algorithm in May 2016

| April 13th, 2016 | 1676 Views

It was back in 21st April 2015 that Google announced the emergence of the mobile-friendly algorithm. As one of the largest networks and global platform, the company has always been successful in staying ahead of the growth curve.

Quite recently, Google decided to make things even better for mobile-friendly websites and contents. The company has announced its decision of strengthening mobile-friendly algorithm from the month of May. What the company aims at is increasing the effects of mobile-friendly ranking signals. Now, this particular update will draw different reactions from a diverse group of users.

According to Google, if your website is already mobile-friendly, then you will have precious little to worry about this new update. However, mobile un-friendly websites might have reasons to think about embracing mobile-friendly algorithms.

Although Google expects to get the ball rolling in May, it will take a time to spread the word. The update will have a gradual effect, thus preventing a sudden drop-off on mobile-unfriendly websites. Let’s have a look at what it is all about.

What will Google do?

The latest update by Google refers to a page-by-page signal indexing, performed by Google itself. Google will index and crawl the pages of a website gradually. As this crawling and indexing will entirely depend on the platform, website owners will have to rely on Google’s speed for results. Depending upon Google’s performance speed, the impacts might be slow or fast.

Quite a few conceptions and thoughts are doing the rounds, since the announcement of this update. Website owners are apprehensive about its impact on their respective sites. Other than that, many of them are also doubtful about whether their websites are mobile-friendly or not. If you nurture similar thoughts, it is high time to check it out.

Google’s mobile-friendly testing tool will prove to be highly beneficial in checking your site’s mobile-friendliness. Apart from that, website owners can also breeze through Google’s mobile guidelines.

Although Google is making a significant effort to promote mobile-friendly algorithm, users seem to have certain apprehensions about the effects. Many of them also referred to Mobilegeddon, the original update.

According to users, a lot had been said and done about Mobilegeddon. But even that failed to leave any significant impacts. Going by that trend, it will be too early to predict a future for this new update.

However, there is good news for great contents. Google believes that content is the king. Therefore, high quality, interesting, and engaging contents will continue to show up, even after this change.

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